Bigg Boss Ultimate: Abhirami leaves Bigg Boss

In the latest round of elimination, Abhirami got a red card from Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss Ultimate viewers did not expect that Abhirami would get evicted from the glass house because she has a crazy fan following outside the house. Netizens expected that Bigg Boss Ultimate makers would save Abhirami and eliminate Thamarai so that they can get maximum viewership in the last week. As we all know, Abhirami and Niroop’s fights and high dramas had managed to grab the attention of the audience.

Niroop is Abhirami’s ex-lover and it’s known that whether it is ex or present, the possessiveness will be the same. Niroop also was possessive of Abhirami, when she tried to get close to Bala. It is known that Niroop made up rumors saying Bala and Abhirami were in a relationship.

As we said earlier, it may be past or present, the fights will be the same. Bigg Boss Ultimate viewers expected that Bigg Boss OTT Tamil makers get Abhirami and Niroop to patch up to get high viewership for their show. But i’s evident that their plan failed.