India continues evacuation efforts for Indian students in eastern Ukraine

Indian government is continuing attempts to evacuate hundreds of Indian students stuck in the city of Sumy in northeastern Ukraine, around 30 miles (48 kilometers) from the Russian border. 

On Sunday, the Indian embassy advised students to be ready to leave on short notice, adding that a team from the embassy was positioned nearby to help coordinate efforts. 

“Team from Embassy of India is stationed in Poltava City to coordinate the safe passage of Indian students stranded in Sumy to Western borders via Poltava,” the embassy tweeted. 

As of Saturday, at least 700 Indian students were stranded in Sumy, according to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). No reports of further evacuations from the city have since been announced. 

Over the weekend, MEA said it was asking both sides for a temporary ceasefire, which would allow the students safe passage to the nearest evacuation point.

Russia fires at civilian evacuations:

Russia has repeatedly broken pledges to hold from firing during negotiated civilian evacuations. On Sunday, a Russian military strike hit an evacuation crossing point in a Kyiv suburb, killing a family with two children and several other civilians trying to flee from attacks.