JavaScript Versions

JavaScript is a modern scripting language that is popular worldwide among developers. It is a lightweight, interpreted compiled language that can be used on both client-side as well as the server side. It was invented in the year 1995 by Brendan Eich. Over the years the language has improved a lot and a lot of new features have been added which make the coding process even easier. This language became an ECMA standard in the year 1997.

We will discuss the various Javascript versions, their features as well as the release date in the table below.

VersionNameRelease YearFeatures
ES1ECMAScript 11997Initial Release
ES2ECMAScript 21998Minor Editorial Changes
ES3ECMAScript 31999Added:Regular Expressiontry/catchException Handlingswitch case and do-while
ES4ECMAScript 4 Abandoned due to conflicts
ES5ECMAScript 52009Added:JavaScript “strict mode”JSON supportJS getters and setters
ES6ECMAScript 20152015Added:let and constClass declarationimport and exportfor..of loopArrow functions
ES7ECMAScript 20162016Added:Block scope for variableasync/awaitArray.includes functionExponentiation Operator
ES8ECMAScript 20172017Added:Object.valuesObject.entriesObject.getOwnPropertiesDescriptors
ES9ECMAScript 20182018Added:spread operatorrest parameters
ES10ECMAScript 20192019Added:Array.flat()Array.flatMap()Array.sort is now stable
ES11ECMAScript 20202020Added:BigInt primitive typenullish coalescing operator
ES12ECMAScript 20212021Added:String.replaceAll() MethodPromise.any() Method
ES13ECMAScript 20222022Added:Top-level awaitNew class elementsStatic block inside classes
ES.Next  Dynamic name for upcoming versions