How to Xerox in Printer

The days of having Xerox machines in every little lane and side alley in metro cities in India are all but gone, with Xerox centres now mainly concentrated around colleges and universities. With more and more people owning a printer at home.

You can make copies of your documents in your printer right at home now. Here is how you can go about the process.

How to Xerox in printer: Step by Step Guide

  1. Get your documents that need to be copied and start up your printer.
  2. Open the lid of your printer and keep your documents in a way that the side you want to be xerox or copied is face-down on the glass.
  3. Check that the alignment is correct so that your printer can copy the entire document.
  4. Shut the lid of the printer; if you are copying a big book, you can even remove the lid instead of trying to force it shut.
  5. Now, choose what kind of Xerox you want coloured or black and white?
  6. In certain multipurpose printers, you can also select the kind of paper and the size of the copied document. This allows you to expand or shrink the document as compared to the original document that you are copying from.
  7. Select the number of copies or Xeroxed documents that you want. Make sure you have inserted enough sheets to complete the Xerox in printer.
  8. Now click the Start/Copy/Print button.
  9. Collect the sheets after they have totally come out from the printer.

How to Xerox in printer for double-sided copy?

If you want to Xerox in printer in a way that both sides of a page get printed, you need to make double-sided copies.

Select the ‘2-sides’ or ‘double-sided’ option from the printer when entering the details if you wish to do this.

Press Start to start copying a page, and repeat for each page.

Other tips you should know to Xerox in printer

  1. Defects in the original or alignment issues will show up in the copied document. So, take care while selecting the options, aligning the document, and printing.
  2. The speed of copying and the quality of the Xeroxed document you get are inversely proportional. If speed is more, the quality would likely be bad.
  3. Before going ahead with the Xerox in printer, check for ink streaking or missing ink cartridges in your printer. You can do a test print to check these issues and replace ink cartridges if needed.