Big Boss Ultimate : Suruthi Periyasamy Walks Out of Show With Rs 15 Lakh Cash

Suruthi Periyasamy has walked out of Bigg Boss Ultimate with Rs 15 lakh cash prize. The cash box task was underway in the Bigg Boss House for the last two days. Shruti won the task and was seen leaving the Bigg Boss house with the prize money.

Earlier in the episode, Julie pulled a prank on the housemates, saying she would take the cash box and walk away. This led to a fight between Suruthi and Julie.

Julie was called to the confession room and was asked to change her clothes as it was not suitable for the camera. When she came out of the confession room. She said that she had been asked to leave the show. So, she decided to leave the Big boss’s house with the briefcase.

Suruthi then interrupted her from taking the briefcase and said that she had also decided to take the cash box. Suruthi and Julie then started arguing over this.

Finally, Julie confessed that it was a prank and she had no problem with Suruthi’s decision to take the cash box.

Meanwhile, Suruthi took the cash box and said that she was ready to leave the house. But Bigg Boss announced that one could not take the briefcase containing cash without competing and asked the housemates to participate in the competition if they were interested.

Suruthi and Julie were the only housemates who showed interest in competing for the briefcase. They both competed against each other in the activity area.

Suruthi and Julie were tied to each other behind their backs and were directed to pick up the balls that were lying in the muddy swamp. They were also made to play a dice game. Suruthi came out as the winner of the games and left the house with the cash box.

Bigg Boss Ultimate season 1 finale will air on April 9. According to the buzz, Kamal Haasan might return as the special guest for the finale to present the trophy and prize money.

The winner of Bigg Boss Ultimate will receive Rs 20 lakh and the Ultimate edition trophy.